What our clients are saying about our patches...

I have been lucky enough to have been a first to use these patches. Besides for a smoother skin texture, the effect they've had on my mood boosts is 10/10 and sleeping like a baby.

Buckley Pretorius

Amazing! My very dry skin has improved bounds and leaps in four days.

Hester Erasmus

Yesss! These patches are amazing.

Chantel Lenting Draper

Loving the patch and what it is doing for my skin. Seeing results now and I am so happy. Really surprised by the mood boosting affects. Thank you so much.


I thought this patch might hurt, replacing daily but it's so simple and completely pain free :) I am seeing great improvements in the mirror. I'm thankful.


Super impressive, so easy, and with my sensitive stomach I feel like I have truly scored. Thank you so much!


I wish I found this sooner, helping me with my fine lines. I am getting compliments and my sleep has improved. Thank you guys.


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The feather representing the Feathers company selling the transdermal collagen patch